WANTED: Headteacher

WANTED Position: Headteacher. Salary: Less than you’d expect. Previous experience: We’ll take anything because we can’t get anyone else – no one’s applying these days.  Duties: Being the first port of call for any and every disgruntled parent.  Being prepared to take the blame for anything that happens in the school.  Intervening in regular petty … More WANTED: Headteacher

Mean Girls

Not for the first time, I comforted myself with being a grown up this week because, frankly, being a teenage girl is shit.  I didn’t really cope with it well the first time round and I know I definitely wouldn’t have the balls to cope with today’s standards. This in mind, I particularly look out … More Mean Girls

Half-term myths

   If you are new to teaching or have the freedom of being normal (not being a teacher), you could be forgiven for thinking that half term is a total bonus-put-your-feet-up-do-sod-all-pisstake. And, of course, you are absolutely correct.  Half term is… 1. …for talking to my own children again. That’s right, I’ve ignored them since … More Half-term myths