Sometimes, when thinking about the school system, I think it is easy to overlook the teachers. Yes, everyone cares about the children, they’re hard-working, hard-done-by and not to mention, hard to bloody please. And yes, we think about the schools themselves too; what Ofsted rating they are, whether they’re suitable for your child, whether they have a good catchment area or not, and whether other people think it’s a good school or not.

But how often do parents and the general public stop and think about the teachers?

‘They get a lot of holiday’ or ‘Their job is easy’ or even ‘It’s just like babysitting.’

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Teaching is hard. A struggle, a battle, a war. And I believe that the only people who understand this is the teachers themselves.

Will Somebody Please Think of The Teachers aims to share irrational ramblings and anecdotes with like-minded people, because actually, it’s not all about the kids, y’know.


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      1. That’s cool. It’s true, everyone’s set to blame teachers whilst not appreciating the amount of effort put into each session, term, project or year. Just providing accurate, useful feedback on students work is a monster task in itself!
        Thank goodness the majority of teachers care enough about the quality of experience students enjoy in school, to ensure that even with trite bureaucracy, meaningless internal deadlines and rudderless policymakers, education remains an individual, positive and stable environment for young people.
        And thank goodness some self-appointed newbie is keen to share your irrational ramblings and onerous struggle with the rest of us! Ha ha! Thank goodness for the poxy Internet – not all candy crush and fracking cat pics after all…

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  1. So glad I stumbled across your blog! We need more honesty and courage to say it like it is – you’re doing that and I salute you. Really looking forward to reading your posts. I know I’ll relate to so much of what you write – even though I’m a primary teacher. Hope you’re still enjoying your well deserved summer break!

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