Mean Girls

Not for the first time, I comforted myself with being a grown up this week because, frankly, being a teenage girl is shit. 
I didn’t really cope with it well the first time round and I know I definitely wouldn’t have the balls to cope with today’s standards. This in mind, I particularly look out for my girls at school, it’s a sisterhood thing. I just wish they’d look out for each other. 

It would make being a teenager a lot easier. 

Take make up for example. Being older, I can appreciate that girls are experimenting with their looks and different make up styles; they are looking for role models and, yes that does include ‘role models’like Kim Kardashian but they see them in the media and want to be like them. Consequently, they are missing eyebrows or have too much eyebrow, some are slapping on an orange complexion – over the clearest, freshest skin they will ever have in their lives – and scraping their hair back into buns that make them look permanently surprised. But, they still look great, because when you are young you can carry it off. 

So ladies, when another girl walks past you in the school cafeteria, trying out her latest thing, there is no need to be a complete bitch and make snide comments about her appearance. If you haven’t already gone through the experimental stage yet you soon will, so shut the hell up. 

Similarly, jealousy over high achievement. Girls, if one of us has the guts to get up and speak her mind, in front of her class, her year group, the entire school – that should be applauded. Hell, I admire it and I’m pretending to be a grown up. She should be an inspiration. 

You probably think it’s the un-clever ones who are giving this articulate, intelligent, confident young woman a hard time? But no, it’s the ones who are as clever as her, they could be her if they wanted to but they’ve got confidence issues of their own – which I absolutely get and understand but there’s no need to shit on someone else because you are jealous, I mean! 

On the other side of it all is the desperate need to be older that divides the sisterhood during teenage years. I’m not talking about make up now, I wish I was. It’s not even about snogging or even fingering, it’s about sexually explicit images that are readily passed around the minute some stupid, impressionable young girl sends it out to someone she ‘loves’. 

Taking a naked shot of yourself lying back with your gaping vagina in the foreground is NOT for the eyes of anyone apart from yourself and a gynaecologist. Aside from your own, very deep seated, issues, why do you think the rest of your female peers are offended by you circulating pornographic pictures of yourself? It is because of this: you are forever perpetuating the idea that women should enslave themselves to the whims of men (or what men think they want because porn tells them they should). I know you don’t know that yet, but a lot of your peers do, they just haven’t quite worked out why they feel uncomfortable with you yet. At the moment, their brains are telling them that you are a “slut” or they may even think they are jealous but really they aren’t. It’s pity. And those are not the actions of a mean girl.

Because most importantly, more important than being a woman, is the fact that you are a child, it’s illegal – stop pretending that you have some rampant enjoyment of sex. You don’t have to behave like that. 

So ladies, try and be nice to each other, think how others would feel. We don’t need to be jealous of each other; we’re all in the fight together and it’s not against ourselves. 


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