Time to be a bitch. 

Year 7 and Year 8 students have been proving time after time, over the past couple of months, that they are not old enough to be in secondary school. 
There’s been tears, fights, hitting, shouting, screaming. And I’d had enough. So on Monday, after a day that left me feeling like shit. I decided that I needed to be a bitch. 
No more letting them off, doesn’t matter if they like me, or if they want to be in my lesson, I’m taking no shit and we are going to be having some good, uninterrupted, lessons. 
It’s empowering to be a bitch. I feel in control, I leave lessons feeling like we’ve actually made progress, and more importantly, the kids are listening, and seem to be enjoying themselves. 
Discussing this yesterday with someone, I came to the realisation that actually it’s okay to be a bitch to them. I haven’t had any tears, fights or frustration. Instead I’ve had high quality work and I’ve left the classroom feeling like I’m in charge again. 
It’s an easy mistake to make as an NQT, I think, to be too nice. After all, this is the first time juggling all these classes and the busy timetable, and having deadlines and new students dropped on you, left right and centre. 
And I have to say, being too nice to some of these younger kids was doing me no good, I was dreading their lessons, and even looking at some of the kids with utter disgust (and may I say, even hate) which of course, I’m not proud of, and it’s not how you want to spend a day. 
From my Year 8s in particular, I’ve seen a real change, for the better, this past week – just by being firmer with them. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t banned fun from my classroom, I’ve just tightened the reigns. Year 7 are still a work in progress. They’re pig ignorant and an absolute nightmare. But we’re getting there – so wish me luck! 


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