Too cool for school. 

Being cool is obviously the most important thing to anyone – at least at one stage of your life. 
For me it was about age 13, I was totally rocking the emo vibes and my hair obviously looked really cool swept across my face with a dyed blonde fringe. 
Tragic. I know. I look back and I cringe. But at the time it was cool, and other people thought so too (God help us all!) 
We’ve all been there and done that, got the t-shirt – so to speak. I’m sure we can all look back and laugh at ourselves over something tragic we did in our teens. 
Thinking about this, and reminiscing with a friend this week about it, has led me to notice and consider those kids that consider themselves to be too cool for school. 
You know the ones, every school has them. They normally occur in Years 10 or 11, but sometimes they might be in KS3 too. I know I can think of a few (namely boys) who swagger around school, rocking the latest lame hairstyle, pouting at themselves in the windows, and loving every minute of attention that is given to them by the female members of their class. 
I even remember one boy, who swaggered his way to the front of the class to collect a ruler, as if every person in the room was watching him, as though he was part of a catwalk show. 
It’s laughable really, to think how both myself, and these teenagers now – think that being cool is the most important thing. On holiday this week, I have noticed a particular boy of around 17, who keeps swaggering around the pool as though he is Britain’s Next Top Model; yet every time he is with his family (note: not quite cool enough to be here with friends) he looks as miserable as sin. As though his parents are totally cramping his style. My friend and I had a real giggle about it today, as we watched him with his mum, looking like he wanted to die. You’re on holiday mate, it’s 36 degrees, nobody even knows who you are, just embrace it and enjoy yourself. 
But actually, what I also think is that it’s SO sad. It’s sad that even when you’re on holiday, you’re so pressured by society and trying to fit in, that you still can’t let go and relax. 
Why, as a teenager is it so damn important to fit in and be cool? 
I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still meet people who I am totally in awe of, they seem to ooze sophisticated, unattempted coolness from every pore on their body, and I as a bystander, am filled with envy. But then 5 minutes later, I might speak to them, and I realise they’re just normal and I’m over it. Teenagers however, get hung up on it.  
Are we driving kids to be this cool? Do we channel them to be cool from an early age? Enforcing the latest haircuts on them, making them wear some super expensive, on-trend fashion whilst other kids stand by in jeans and t-shirts and can only imagine what life is like being that cool. Or is it something home grown? Something that as a teenager, is a right of passage – you must try and be super cool and try to fit in before you can face life as an (okay – let’s face it – totally uncool and kind of dorky) adult. 
Furthermore, is school and the pressures of social groups, and social situations, the mix of hormones and suddenly finding your feet, all too much for some kids, and do they naturally just find their position of leadership within a group and automatically become cool? 
I look back on school, and think about the kids that I used to think were “cool” – and they’re all a bunch of misfit no-hopes. Surely that means I am now cooler than them?
Who knows? What the fuck is ‘cool’ these days anyway? 


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