I have a problem – I’m a dataholic


Apologies if you thought this blog was going to be about me going on loads of dates and having sordid encounters, you’d better get over to Ashley Madison for that. No, I’m talking about numbers, statistics, percentages, fucking line graphs people! They fascinate and engross me in a way I never thought possible.

My friend and I have a rule, if you’re into English, history, geography etc you shouldn’t go out with science, maths (possibly IT) guys. The two don’t mix, right? Bad idea. Science/ maths people don’t always appreciate the endless interpretations of English-y people. We like to speculate and over analyze, getting two English-y people together is a talkathon of reading between the lines. I admire the way science/ maths types don’t want that bullshit. In maths there is an answer, how you get to it might have different routes but in English you often will never know…

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