Congratulations on your GCSEs – now you’re on your own. 


As already mentioned, results day makes teachers feel worried, flustered, have sweaty palms and sleepless nights. Results day for students, has a similar effect – but there is one main difference. It means moving on.
As a teacher, you are simply worried about how well your students have done, how well the department has done, and finally the school. The harsh reality of life though, means that all the students are worried about, is themselves. They now have the excitement of college or university to look forward to.
Having only left school 6 years ago myself, the feeling the night before results day is definitely still memorable. For GCSEs, I wasn’t overly worried – I had to get 5 A*-C in the bag, which out of 10 subjects was pretty straightforward. However, 2 years later, I found myself much more stressed when waiting for my A-Level results. I remember it…

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