Homework guilt ruins lives (and holidays)


When I was at school I used to have an irritating little voice in my head in the evening. ‘Did you do your homework?’ ‘Did you do it well?’ (actually it was my mum). And yeah, I did do it and it was bloody great, ok? Back off!

Through college and university, as I started to become a bit more out of reach from my mum’s little voice, it was replaced by my own annoying inner monologue – ‘Have you done that yet?’, ‘You need to go to the library to get this,’ and ‘You’re drunk right now but you can’t sleep until you’ve done the first draft of that essay.’

Mum had done her job and instilled the guilt factor into my psyche from an early age.

Homework guilt, that common phenomenon, is a pain in the arse. After I left uni I happily worked in an office, in a shop. It was brilliant! No homework! Sometimes, while doing WHATEVER I wanted in the evening, I would stop, panicked after years of homework guilt conditioning and rack my brains – ‘I had something to do didn’t I?’ After years and years of homework guilt I was traumatised, and university can have the blame. You can never do enough reading, research or writing, you are left to your own devices and how can you ever know if it’s enough? You can’t! So the voice of homework guilt can never be silenced. But now I was free!

You totally know what is coming next. So I will not even say it.

Just know that I am now sabotaging my own holiday (and every holiday) with a certain type of aforementioned guilt. I have eleven schemes of work to write, coursework to mark and seating plans to set up. I should just get on with it, why haven’t I learned from a lifetime of homework guilt?

Homework guilt ruins lives, is the reason you have NO life and is why you can never truly be on holiday.


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