The Train Wreck


Some days I start the morning off feeling SO positive, getting my work done and feeling like a total boss. But sometimes by lunchtime, there’s been such a severe “train wreck*” in a lesson that it’s hard to imagine how the day started so well.

Take today for example, I smashed through a load of mock papers, did my photocopying, had a fab Year 10 lesson, my tutor group were ace, and then came my Y8s.

A little background history. Y8 Set 2 have been my babies. They have been the class I have followed right through my training year. I love them and (I think) they love me too. They even clapped me last week when they realised I had fully qualified. They’re cute.

So why would I be worried about teaching them? I wouldn’t, you’re correct.

However as I stepped into their lesson today, from about the third…

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