The Hangover


I’m feeling a bit fragile today. There’s an ache behind the eyes and the need to eat everything in sight (that must be resisted). Last night I came home, dropped my stuff and got into bed, I did at least remember to get undressed.

The entire night’s sleep was disturbed by weird dreams of me saying stuff to people that couldn’t be undone, that I would pay for – occasionally my brain would start to rouse itself and would tell me “It’s a dream, idiot!” But then I would fall back into my drunken coma and relive the whole thing.

Finally, when I woke, I frantically checked my phone for any messages I might have sent that would have offended…but it really was all a dream. I was relieved because it is all too easy to disgrace yourself on a staff night out. I know.

Before I became a teacher…

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