The dangers of relaxing

So as all of us teachers know, it’s the Summer Holidays. We can (metaphorically) let our hair down, enjoy the sunshine (ha!) and do whatever we so wish. 

But I feel there is a danger in relaxing. I’m not talking an abrupt, “caution: hot” type warning you get on a cup of coffee from Starbucks, I’m talking a “don’t-let-your-guard-down-just-yet” slow burner of a warning. 

To begin with, my hands have come up in this ugly, red rash, like they do at every holiday, as if my body has chilled the fuck out for a second and now can’t cope. It’s really attractive, as you can imagine. 

Secondly, I’m so relaxed that I’m not going to bed until at least 11pm (risky business on a normal school night) but my lovely, school trained body is STILL waking me up at 6am. So I am ridiculously tired. 

Thirdly, I keep forgetting about work completely. This is always dangerous in any given job, but particularly so when you have a whole stack of lesson planning and classroom maintenance to do at some point. 

But fourthly, and possibly the most important of all, I relaxed enough whilst away in Dorset this week that I had my hair flying all over the place, Regatta fleece firmly on, minimal make-up on and was stuffing a big-old hunk of brownie in my mouth, when one of my soon-to-be Year 8 students walked past. He looked at me with a little dazed expression on his face, as though he couldn’t quite place me. I sort of nodded at him – (unable to say hi because I had too much brownie in my cake hole!).

I thought then, how dangerous it is to relax, even when you think you are totally safe. 

Similarly to the idea of teachers drinking, I feel that any form of relaxing and socialising, can be dangerous, because not only do you let yourself go a little, your students see you in a light that could change how they feel about you. 

Having said this, and having reflected on the whole situation later, I decided it doesn’t really matter though. He too had been in the same cafe, most likely enjoying a piece of cake and a cup of tea whilst the ‘liquid sunshine’ hammered down outside. Who cares if I let my guard down a bit? If I can still be a boss in the classroom, I think a little relaxation can go a long way for us teachers. 

All that leaves me to say is, I hope you are all having a lovely summer too, but be careful, I’m sure there will be a student lurking around the corner when you least expect it. 


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