And then it hits you.

You can moan all you like – and boy I do like to. I moan about being tired, stressed, hungry, overworked, busy, frustrated, upset. But then it hits you, as you walk out of school on the last day of term.

You have the best fucking job in the world.

6 weeks off? Like, seriously that is just crazy. Someone is willing to just hand me 6 weeks on a plate, 6 weeks where the world stops and relaxation begins. Really, I couldn’t ask for more.

As I strolled across the car park this afternoon after a delightfully easy half day of school, I thought about how amazing the next 6 weeks were going to be.

Holidays, drinks, friends and relaxation. Perfect.

I did however, mention to mum about the “hole in my life” that will be present without school.

Suddenly, 6 weeks without students around feels quite bizarre, like I suddenly don’t have any responsibility, and what’s my purpose when I wake up everyday? And more importantly, what am I going to talk about?!

But then again I thought “fuck it” and instead, I am currently embracing every bit of the holiday vibes, whilst I chill on my sofa with my pjs on and fish and chips being cooked (by my mum – the joys of living at home!)

Tonight, and over the next few weeks, the thing I am most excited for, is to read. Read for pleasure, not for school, and rediscover the world of fabulous, light hearted fiction that lies between the pages of some of my most favourite summer books. Hopefully I’ll discover some new treats too, and I’m currently excited to get my hands on “Go Set A Watchman” by Harper Lee – but I’m saving that for holiday.

My question to you fellow teachers, is what is the one thing you are really looking forward to doing over the Summer? I would love to hear.


3 thoughts on “And then it hits you.

  1. Am no longer a teacher but, when I was, it was the freedom from being regulated by bells that I really appreciated in the holidays.

    Have a great summer WSPTOTT – and enjoy some great books.


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