Summer Term is not a breeze

When I was at school, Summer Term was the best. Easy lessons, relaxed teachers and an abundance of trips, activities, extra curricular opportunities and of course, sports day.

What I never considered though, is the work that goes into each of those events. As a very recent NQT (it’s been a week now) I cannot believe how stressful this term has been. I am pulling my hair out. Piles of work have come flooding my way, day by day, for the last 4-5 weeks. Plus all the extra curricular off-timetable days I have been part of.

On top of this, comes the additional stresses and strains of challenging pupil behaviour, disorganised and incompetent members of staff, and a total and utter lack of communication across the school.

As a result, what I thought was going to be a fun-filled “easy” term – has pretty much turned into my idea of a nightmare. In fact, the amount of work I currently have to do is making me feel so stressed that I am sat here – procrastinating. It’s the easiest thing to do, right?

A sea of pink mock papers faces me, and yet, I still cannot bring myself to plough through them. It’s hard ya know, doing this ‘proper’ teacher malarkey just days after being treated like a trainee.

Why did no one ever tell me about this term?

That’s my biggest issue at the moment. I have felt totally unprepared for how hard this term has been, and the constant incompetence of people around me, is simply adding to this issue.

My opinion of Summer Term used to be comparable to the slightly-ugly-but-had-nice hair guy you kissed in a sweaty night club, in your first year of uni.

Easy. An added bonus to an already enjoyable time.

But I was wrong.

In fact, summer term is as difficult as finding your Prince Charming. Especially if you consider that Prince Charming is drinking watered down vodka and coke and looks the same as every other guy in the venue.

It’s a mind game. A battle field, and more than anything, it’s really bloody hard.

Trainees and NQTs be warned.
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